24 July 2011

Never Let Me Go(2010)

The story begins with Kathy H, a student in Hailsham boarding school, she tell the details about her friendships with a girl named Ruth and Tommy. Hailsham is not like other boarding school. The students never leave the school or speak of having families. They have to wear something on their hand. It's like a punch card or something. They have to tag it whenever they leave their room. I still don't get it what is wrong with the school until one day, a teacher reveal that they are clones who have been created in order to provide donor organs. Once they have grown up, they will begin to donate their vital organs, and consequently all of them die young. Kathy H likes Tommy but Ruth and Tommy form a relationship when they are 16. All of them leave Hailsham and live with older students in some place called Cottages. It is like Hailsham but they have to be more independence and they are free to travel outside the world. Kathy H then leave the house and work as a carer(someone who gives support to donors as they give up their organs) and they never seen other. And for the rest of the story please watch this fantastic and incredibly insane movie. This movie is heartbreaking and morbid. I recommended this to you!

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