21 July 2011

Just Another Love Experience.

"The person you love the most could also be the one who hurts you the worst."

I hate break ups. I've been through this for a few times and it is terrible. Dear girls, when a guy want to move on from you, let him go and please don't go for friends option. He's not into you anymore so why bother? Don't let him stay even as a friend. Beware if you choose to be friends with your ex-fucking-boyfriend, he will try to comfort you in every way that he could. "Move on, go out and meet new people, someday you'll find somebody better than me" and etc. is the common words that I usually heard. Dont  hoping for something that isn't going to happen. If he is chasing another woman, everything he tell you just A LIE. Don't fall for this type of guy again. If you dare, punch him!

It takes forever to forget all those silly moments but hey, it's life. Take that as a challenge. God always be with you. Ask HIM for another one ;)

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